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Why Sport is the Easiest Exercise

If you have a few extra pounds or just lack general fitness there is nothing better than sport to fix your issues.

 A lot of the problem with weight loss is getting the inspiration to do it. Getting off the couch to do sit-ups or go for a 2k run can take extraordinary will power. Not to mention the will power it can take to break through the pain barrier while you are doing it. People who have these problems will eventually have to pay a personal trainer and buy a gym membership so that they can have the very same thing that sport provides, easy motivation.

 When you play a sport, whether it be soccer, rugby, hockey or anything, the team environment encourages you to turn up for your teammate. The pain barrier is something that you may not even notice when you make a big effort.

 Sport is fun. That is something that is a big deal. When you enjoy doing something you are capable of doing it for a much longer period. That just goes without saying. So playing sport is going to be easier mentally than exercising just for the sake of it.

If you are trying to lose weight and you have not taken up a sport then you are making it more difficult for yourself for no reason. You don’t have to play a field sport. Even a sport like Ten Pin Bowling is better than being stationary. Squash is one of the best exercises you can do. Just keep trying different sports until you find one you like and you will have a huge advantage over your former self when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

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