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How to play soccer Header

Head butting a soccer ball may seem like a bad idea for new players, because they think it hurts a lot. This can only happen if the technique is poor. To correct the header of the ball, the ball must make contact with the front top of the head and hit with the amount of force needed to help the target. Jump to the ball, but not pressure on the opponent since they will be called foul.

How to keep possession of the soccer

It is extremely important to the game of soccer, while the property is crucial if the team success can be achieved. If the ball rolls or bounces direction, take the first touch to take control, you can dribble, or smoothly. He took a big swing before the ball had contacted a bad idea. Chances are, you are missing, or just to bend his leg. Investing in knowledge over time to obtain accurate enough to hit the target every time, and keep possession.

How to kick a soccer ball

Kicking the most exciting aspect of the soccer game, players, and perhaps the most concentrated in the ability of young players. Techniques must be used for various kicks. The ball lift off the ground, you should make contact with the ball low and you can sit back. Use the inner part of the foot near the toes. To bend or curve the ball must remain in the corner and should be done. Accurate passing over the ground, you can change the inside of your foot and lean to use the ball, while hitting the ball in play and middle. Before training, warm up and stretch. Attracts a lot of muscle injuries in soccer, so warm, cool, well good.

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